Homicide Defense In Phoenix

It Takes a Strong Defense to Fight Homicide Charges

Homicide is an extremely serious crime with serious penalties. Fighting the charges takes time, financial resources and an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you or a family member has been questioned in a murder case, talk to an lawyer.

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Call a criminal defense law firm that has extensive experience with serious crime defense in Arizona. Talk to an attorney at the Joseph Chornenky law firm in Phoenix.  Fighting back begins with an early call to an experienced lawyer. Why early? It is essential to begin our own investigation into the circumstances and evidence. Witnesses and forensics evidence need to be found and examined early. Testimony and evidence need to be preserved.

Evidence is crucial in a homicide case. The police may overlook evidence that does not fit their theory of the case. Prosecutors and police are under pressure to solve homicide cases quickly and get the guilty person in prison — usually for life.

If you decide to fight the charges, fight with a criminal law specialist at your side.

Our law firm’s lead attorney is Joseph Chornenky, certified as a criminal law specialist by the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization. With 30 years of experience — all in criminal law — he has the depth of knowledge you need. Attorney Rae Chornenky adds more depth and perspective as a former prosecutor and judge.

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Fighting a homicide charge is not easy. It takes experience — the kind of experience you will find at our law firm. Contact us for a consultation. We represent clients in state and federal courts throughout Arizona.