Wiretap RICO

Wiretap RICO Charges: What Is Your Time Worth?

When the federal government charges you with RICO, you can be sure that they have you on audio tape multiple times. Facing federal charges is particularly difficult, because the wiretap evidence for RICO is painstakingly amassed over time. How can you deal with overwhelming evidence? Begin by talking to an experienced federal drug crimes defense lawyer.

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At the Joseph Chornenky law firm in Phoenix, your attorney will give you a frank assessment of your situation and explain your options. An experienced lawyer can make a difference in the outcome of your case. Prison is mandatory. If the evidence is clear, our goal is to minimize your loss of freedom.

Every call captured on a wiretap is another RICO charge.

Wiretap RICO charges can add up fast. When the federal investigators have you on the phone multiple times, each time is another charge. They also gather evidence through video surveillance. When talking to clients facing wiretap evidence and multiple RICO charges, we listen carefully for any mitigating circumstances. Our defense lawyers are seeking reasons for the prosecutor to take time off the mandatory prison sentence.

What is your time worth? We advise making every effort to limit the amount of time you spend in a federal prison. All of our law firm will be dedicated to this effort. Joseph Chornenky is certified as a criminal law specialist by the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization. Certification requires extensive experience and knowledge. Rae Chornenky has an advanced counseling degree and is a former prosecutor and judge.

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Your freedom is important. Every day you can take off a prison sentence is important. Contact our RICO law offices for an initial consultation about the charges you are facing. We represent clients in federal courts and Arizona courts.