Steroids In Phoenix

Prosecutors More Interested in Sellers, Not Users

Steroids possession — buying or selling — is not charged often in Arizona. People using steroids can range from high school athletes to, let’s face it, people in law enforcement. Steroids are used by those who want to be stronger. When there is a steroid arrest and prosecution, it is more likely to be filed against the providers.

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Steroids are prescription drugs. Some of the providers may be doctors who are accused of over-prescribing. Steroids are often imported and then distributed and sold through networks of dealers. Whatever the case, if you have been accused of providing steroids, you need an attorney now.

Talk to a lawyer — and no one else — when questioned about steroids.

While steroids cases are not common, for the person charged it is extremely important to talk to an attorney who knows the law. A doctor suspected of providing steroids could face the loss of a medical license as well as fines and prison. Steroids are dangerous prescription drugs. A prosecutor may decide to make an example of a physician or of a coach or others who provide steroids.

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Attorney Joseph Chornenky is certified as a criminal law specialist by the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization. He has the experience and knowledge it takes to look beyond the obvious when defending his clients against drug crime charges. Contact our steriod defense attorneys for an initial consultation. Our law firm represents clients in Phoenix and throughout Arizona.