Call a Lawyer Right Now: Don’t Wait

By calling a criminal defense attorney at the first sign of any problem, you may be able to avoid arrest, indictment, the whole drama of negotiations and trial. Do nothing, talk to no one, until you talk to a lawyer.

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By contacting a lawyer pre-indictment, there may be no indictment at all. In many cases, the police are looking for evidence. If you will not answer questions or allow them to search without talking to an attorney, the matter, in all likelihood, will end right there. The police cannot take any further action without your criminal defense lawyer being present.

Do not answer questions or allow a search; call your attorney.

At the Joseph Chornenky law firm in Phoenix, we counsel all our clients to follow our four commandments of dealing with the police. (See our Home page.) If you didn’t call them, don’t talk to the police. Don’t answer questions. Don’t let them into your home or allow them to search you or your car.

Don’t be drawn into an argument and don’t get mad. Just call your lawyer. Step outside to call your lawyer. Do not give the police an excuse to go into your home. They are very good at claiming to find probable cause to indicate marijuana or cocaine possession or evidence of a firearm that could indicate a gun crime.

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As soon as you enlist the help of our law firm, we will start gathering evidence for your defense: secure evidence, send a skilled investigator, get statements from witnesses, obtain the 911 call tape. Early, pre-indictment investigation can mean no indictment. It can mean a quick resolution of the issue with no charges filed. Even if charges are filed, we will have begun preparing the defense.

Our client was driving an expensive vehicle. He stopped to get gas. An officer approached him. When our client refused to answer questions or allow a search without a lawyer present, the officer became angry and hit the client, then arrested him for aggravated assault. When we called the police to ask for the tape from the gas station’s video cameras, all charges were dropped.

By contacting an attorney pre-indictment, pre-arrest, your legal problem may end almost immediately after it began. Know your rights. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. We represent clients throughout Arizona.