Federal Drug Crimes

Federal Cases: Never Small, Always Tough

Generally speaking, the federal government does not prosecute small drug cases. They leave small-case prosecution to the state of Arizona where the penalties are higher. When the FBI, DEA and state law enforcement work together on a case, the feds pick up the ones they really want — usually big conspiracy cases.

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A federal drug case is almost always extremely well documented. This is one of the few areas where cooperation with the prosecutor may be an option. A 5K1.1 motion might be an opportunity to lower the penalties of a federal drug crime. It is important to have an attorney experienced with federal drug crime laws, with federal courts, and with an in-depth knowledge of 5K1.1 motions.

A point system helps determine federal drug crime sentencing.

At the Joseph Chornenky law firm in Phoenix, we have been dealing with federal drug crime cases for 30 years. We know that the evidence is usually strong. The federal government is especially interested in prosecuting conspiracies, including RICO conspiracies. That requires extensive, well documented evidence, often from wiretaps.

Federal prosecutors and courts give points for cooperation — and points translate into a lower penalty. Points are given for early admission of a crime and for cooperation. Points are taken away when a defendant goes to trial. It is important to have a criminal defense lawyer who can help you understanding your options and carefully weigh those options.

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